Summary of my treatment plan

Having survived nine rounds of chemotherapy (two different kinds), I am headed to autologous transplant of my stem cells.

First, I have ten consecutive days of getting two shots neupogen to stimulate white blood-cell production. (My blood hasnot been tested since last Monday, so platelets and red blood-cells may have crashed.

Then, a temporary (Quinton ) catheter is going to be installed to filter/spin blood(apheresis, the stem cell collection) for 2-3 days.


Then the stem cells are going to be shipped off to UC-Davis and enhanced (this is the clinical trail part, of which I am the fifth patient).

Then, hospitalized for BEAM chemotherapy with four double daily doses of cytarabine and of etoposide, plus a starting dose of carmustine and and closing one of malphalan,

I assume it will take a few days for those drugs to make me feel really terrible and am told it takes 10-12 days for the start of recovery of (first white) blood cells. I’ll be receiving my enhanced stem cells immediately after the heavy-duty chemo (which aims to eradicate any hiding traces of lymphoma).


And then I’m likely to feel very weak and to have an immune system with no immunities (eventually, I will have to be vaccinated for the childhood illnesses I had, plus polio and more).

And then I may be healthy? It’s hard to conceive that from here…


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