Update: lymphoma roars back

Things came crashing down again. I had a PET scan Monday 1/21 at Mission Bay, then a visit to my cardiologist Tuesday (through rain). I felt a bit week when I got home. Wed. morning, on the way to the toilet, I slid or my legs gave way. I didn’t pass out, but there was a thud, and soon my bathroom was filled with firemen (eight, I think).


I wanted to be taken to UCSF where I had an appointment with my oncologist on Thursday, but UCSF was refusing to admit anyone, and I was put in CPMC. There, I was knocked out, something was dropped down my esophagus. Besides taking pictures, it sealed off an ulcer.


The PET scan revealed more and new lymphoma, and treatment began even before test results were interpreted. It seems that cancer is pressing against nerves, accounting for considerable pain. I’m getting some morphine product for pain and using a walker to get around. A physical therapist came to Millbrae and I have some exercises that I do—quite pathetically.


My numbers are presumably collapsing (neutrophenia) as I’m de facto returned to isolation. Another round of chemo will follow a week of recovery. I feel that there was no consideration of different therapies as I was hurtled literally from my toilet (without pants or shoes) into this chemo (with retuxin, that has so far not messed me up as much as prednasone did).

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