“Outrage”: Boring, ultraviolent Kitano yakusa movie


there was practically no chacterization in 2010 “Autoreiji” (Outrage: Way of the Yakusa), written, directed and edited by Kitano Takeshi, who also plays a leading role in it. For the first hour and a quarter yakusa scheme and get beaten. For the last half hour yakusas get shot. The only novelty is coercing the ambassador or a small African country to front a casino at an embassy. Kitano is his usual affectless self.

I don’t understand how there can be a sequel, since nearly all the characters have been killed off. IMDB lists Kitano’s character in it as Otomo, who is knifed in prison just before the final bloodbath in “Outrage.” I guess it will turn out that he was mistakenly reported as dead. It is reportedly as convoluted and boring as “Outrage.” For violent Kitano, I’d recommend his earlier “Sonatine.”


©2016, Stephen O. Murray


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